Yvonne Doyle

Yvonne Doyle, Assistant property manager

Yvonne Doyle Assistant property manager

Yvonne is our newest member of our team, an experienced Assistant Property Manager, Yvonne enjoys long walks around the area, especially through Brockwell Park, feeding the fish from the wooden broadwalk over the lake in Dulwich Park and watching the heron, who perches by the pond in Sunray Gardens. The view of Dulwich Woods from the top of Frankfurt Road and the night sky across the City from Ruskin Park, spectacular on New Years’ Eve, are sights not to be missed. Listening to great music at Off the Cuff, under the arches in Herne Hill and eating great Thai and Japanese food at Lombok and Yama Momo. And the eclectic mix of wares, especially the coffee and pastries from Herne Hill market are treats she tries not to miss on a lazy Sunday morning.
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